YCiF Evaluators

From discussion at the evaluation workshops Champion Evaluators and I have created some possible questions for the evaluation of maekwav.es and general questions for the evaluation of change from the point of view of young carers and also professional or policy makers.
At the evaluation workshops Champion Evaluators developed plans for evaluating aspects of the work of YCiF. These are attached. They are: •Makewav.es •Greater awareness of young carers and their lives •Support in school •Health service support •Joined up services •Care Act •HE support
The combined notes from the recent evaluation workshops in Gateshead and London are here. They set out amongst other things Champion Evaluators' thoughts on evaluation and skills needed to be evaluators.
The second Evaluator Training for Champions
At the Young Carers Festival we undertook two activities: 1.A questionnaire for Champions about the things they have done and anything that may have resulted from these activities 2.A ranking exercise for young carers to find out more about what they knew about the Champions and what outcomes were most important to them as young carers. Both the questionnaire and the ranking exercise were based on the discussions with Champions the things they told us in meetings. This report sets out what w.....
For completing the evaluator team's questionnaire in the Voice Zone
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