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Stories from the Makewaves community relating to the Young Carers in Focus project

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Hope you can answer these questions.
Very important conference at Plymouth to try and make young Carers more known about
This is a poem by someone in our group about his experiences of being a young carer.
Bournemouth Young Carers
My life as a young carer
This is a Quiz for a YCIF Champion I chose! :)
My quiz for the YCiF careres
Quiz for YCiF Champions!
My quiz for a YCiF champion
My YCIF Champion that I chose!
Your chance to ask our Champions anything about themselves and YCiF to earn badges!
Listen to my story.
being a carer can be VERY hard
I may not be a young carer but I am giving support to all young carers along with some statistics.
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