Mental Health

Stories, resources and activities about mental health and well being.

Some thoughts about 2016 and Young Carers Awareness Day today from Rethink
Rethink Mental Illness have created new resources for young carers
Bee-happy this spring. We have cool stuff for all to hear:
As a young carer growing up, I moved out of home at 16, due to a falling out with my brother, around the same time I was starting sixth form.
We need your insights into how to make the most impactful resources that YCiF are developing this year.
At the Young Carers Call to Action
Here are their finding from Young Carers Festival 2014!
Take a look at our official GP Toolkit for advice on how to support young carers within your surgery
Time To Talk!
Let's raise awareness and talk about Mental Health!
The YCiF team and Include office take time out to talk....
What has been happening today to support Time to Talk Day
Have a conversation about mental health on 6th February
Looking after yourself:
Created by young carers at the first YCiF Champions Media Camp
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