Drugs and Alcohol

Young Carers Voices
Professionals can do more to support us. Watch our film to find out more.
Being a young carer
A short film created by YCiF Champions at the Media Skills Weekend
We are a group of young people affected by somebody elses drug and/or alcohol use, take a look and please help us get our voices heard.
A new booklet to help you talk about a parent or carer's alcohol or drug treatment
Rethink Mental Illness have created new resources for young carers
Are you trying to make change in your area? Our Toolkit can help!
Good practice ideas for young carer project workers from the Fatherhood Institute and YCIF
Messages for friends, family members and professionals on helping young carers to cope
Created a dvd on how alcohol misuse in the family affects young people
DVD clips giving the experiences of children and young people in families where there is drug or alcohol misuse.
A new report aiming to support children and young people affected by a parent who drinks too much.
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