YCF 2015 T shirt designs!
Our ideas for t shirts on the theme of "Making it Happen"
Our ideas for the YCF2015 t shirt
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Submitted by Charlotte from Carers Resource, Skipton
Young carers in Harrogate share their ideas for the t shirt design
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As a young carer growing up, I moved out of home at 16, due to a falling out with my brother, around the same time I was starting sixth form.
Attached is the timetable of the events
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Evidence for my leadership badge
My evidence for the Leadership Badge
Evidence for my Leadership badge
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At the NHS No Suits event at London Zoo, October 2014
Evidence for my leadership badge
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13th May 15 17:25
It's a bit over a month until the 2015 Young Carers Festival, and I know I'm not the only one who is getting excited! I've been working on organising the bands and other things for the main stage, as ...