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A look back at some of my favourite memories from my time at Catmose
Our 2016 Broadcast
Showcasing sport at Catmose and students' views on it
Always wanted to know how to be as good as a Catmose College Senior Reporter? Now you can!
The very basics of photography.
Just a few tips to the year 11s from a former year 11.
We interviewed Year 11 student Toby Carter who was recently featured in a bird-watching magazine - and was named as one of the 'ones to watch'
10 Academic Scholars visited Cambridge University, where they learnt about life at the university, what's on offer, and how to choose which direction you should take in higher education.
With the increasing use of social media, and the decreasing use of other platforms, how are young people getting the news?
Our 2015 Broadcast
Sports are a compulsory part of education, but do they include everyone - and how can we prevent divisions?
On Wednesday 11th November, four senior members of the Catmose Media Team were invited to the BBC, giving them an experience that none of them could have imagined.
Interview with BBC Sport and 5 Live reporter, Delyth Lloyd
Interview with 2 students who visited the House of Commons
Interview with Hannah Cockcroft, MBE
Advice from Ellie Simmonds OBE
Interview with Yanto Barker
4th Annual Conference #Globalocal13
Views from Russell Hobby
Views from John Cridland, Director-General for the CBI
Views from Fiona Millar
Views from Professor Becky Francis
Journeys to Outstanding
Created via the App
Created via the App
rpsdem123 and rpshollie vox pop Whole Education teachers
We speak to Chris Holmwood
We speak to Tim Riches at the Whole Education Conference about DigitalMe...
What are the top tips for the journey to outstanding status?
An interview with Douglas Archibald, Director of Whole Education
What's happening at the March 2013 London Conference
Created via the App
Maker thoughts
Here is my speech that I performed during the visit to the centre...
A report on our trip to the Whole Education Conference!
What happened when I went to the Whole Education conference!
Becoming World Class
Highlights from our last conference
An interview with Jo Shuter
All about our interview with Douglas Archibald.
An interview with Dr Ivor Hickey
I interview Gill from Film Club
I ask Oliver from Twig about their website
Interview with Debbie