Year Five

In class we made a Scratch Game and I would like to share my game with you.
Look at my great Scratch Game.
I made my own emoji!!!
I hope you enjoyed my first post on Little Mix well here is a movie on it.
There are quite a few Disney Princess which is your favourite?
New York is a really cool city do you like the place please do the poll
I like both books but which is your favourite
what do you like more?
Help those poor dogs out there...
This is a site where you can create 3D designs
In history we are learning about Tudors
Find out your birthstone over here!!!
Whats your favourite TV show?
Whats you favorite charity, please do the poll.
if you enjoy reading books then click here
Please see my movie on Year 5
Digital art insipred by Andy Warhol's screen prints
cool images
My pop art picture using GIMP
Year 5
Stories written by Year 5 pupils about absolutely anything they like!
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All about chelsea's 2014/2015 season!!!!!
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