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Hi guys I will give you a update of what is happening around the world every week !!!!!
After 12:40 it was announced that David Cameron (leader of the conservitive party) had 331 seats in the house of commons.
It's almost here! I can't wait!
A short story about jumpers and christmas! :)
On the twenty-sixth of October we all get an extra hour in bed.
The duke and duchess of Cambridge is giving birth to a another child!
There is a war
Mr Stink is a book written by David Walliams.
Has your footy team ever had a run of losing big games - so many that you think something, or someone, might have cursed them?
I might be late but it's still worth writing about WORLD BOOK DAY 2014
Different Sports to raise money!
This can give you more information about chinese new year!
On Friday 31st January it is Chinese New Year...The year of the horse!!!!
Why should everyone go to school?
Happy New Year everyone, it's now 2014!
All about his saying
RIP nelson mandela
National and World News
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