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By: Aashi B (I hope you enjoy)
Write a poem about emotions for this competition
This is a story you should keep with you forever.
Once upon a time there was a tree
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My Emotions poem
This is my smoothie for rose99's competition!
my entry for the 10x badge
Who do yuo think is going to win?
WHO do you think will win the IPL?
Here are the answers, let's see if you got them right!
Check the answers to see if you're right!
Remember I made a Song Quiz ages ago? Well here's an update Part 2 to it :)
This is your name glittered! I hope you like it!
Here is my avatar!!!
like it
i hope you like my story it is just a little bit of a description i wrote my self
Another Winners Story on Behalf of Mrbrom! :)
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