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Site Posts
Such an amazing netball season for all year groups for players of Ormiston Venture Academy
Messi's magic and Mourinho mess up!
Can you complete the 16 before 16 challenge?
A group of year ten students got the opportunity to visit a London theatre to watch a well known performance!
Vinny, our new mascot leading Venture through 2018!
The 2018 UK Youth Parliament elections are upon us...
One lucky Venture student has been offered the 2018/19 Gresham's Scholarship...
Our Year 11 team took part in a tournament with 4 other schools.
Harry Webb is interviewed by students about the 2017 election
Venture has elected its new Union Executive Board for 2017/18.
2 long journeys, rain and a trophy...
Did Venture Win?
Alongside the current Gresham's Scholarship - just awarded to Tiah-Paige Davie - students...
Recently, three students from year 10 took part in a debate at Great Yarmouth Town Hall
One lucky Venture student has been offered the 2017/18 Gresham's Scholarship...
With the new Student Union in action; plans are underway for Comic Relief.
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