Latest Update - 06.09.17

New Features

  • We have a new look and management functionality within the notifications panel, including multiple select and delete.
  • As well as being able to assign badges to individual Publishers (who’ll receive notifications) you can now see all unassigned badges within your Site Badges page - check out the new dropdown option.
  • Publishers on Free and Groups packages will now see upgrade messages to increase functionality within their site.


  • Fixed an issue where a notification wasn't being triggered when assigning Publisher to a badge.
  • There are now lots more prompts and guidance messages to help you navigate and explore Makewaves, including dedicated Smart Messages for Publishers and Makers signposting to exciting new Badge Missions.
  • Various miscellaneous fixes.

App Updates

  • The Mole has been busy over the summer break and managed to improve certain areas of the App!
  • Improved Badge display: You can now access other badges from the same site as well as see the date your badge was awarded. \o/
  • Improved Notifications: Faster and higher resolution icons
  • Notes: Fixed instances where crashes may occur for a small number of users as well as improving the overall performance of notes (Groups & Pro)
MW App
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