UK Training Partners

Interested in taking your school’s creative and social media activity to new heights? Simply find your local Makewaves Training Partner and book them in for a hands-on creative day for your pupils and teachers. Our Training Partners work closely with Makewaves, are fully accredited and are on your doorstep.

Some Training Partners cover multiple regions - see below for more information.


  • Mike Ennis
    Contact: 0800 030 5241 /

    Mike has worked as a Head of Music and Creative Arts for 30 years. He has always been interested in information technology and is an accredited Promethean trainer.

    Local to: Tamworth reaching out to Monmouthshire
    Company: FantastICT

  • Kevin Hughes
    Contact: 07811 757326 /

    Kevin Hughes is a highly experienced trainer, ICT developer and author with many years experience of training and consultancy in ICT in education throughout England and overseas. Kevin is a CEOP s ambassador for e-safety, e-safety trainer and assessor for the eSafety Mark for schools, in addition to being a trained consultant to support schools in preparing for the ICT Mark. Kevin has many years experience of local authority advisory work and training.

    Local to: Peterborough. Willing to travel across Eastern England and the East Midlands.
    Company: Hughes Education Ltd

  • Sue Nicholson
    Contact: 07790240066 /

    Sue was a Local Authority ICT Adviser in West Berkshire for 11 years. During that time Sue was instrumental in all aspects of the delivery of ICT training, from running LA wide conferences, to staff training in a dedicated ICT resource, to training on school sites and indeed teaching ICT to the pupils.

    Local to: Oxford and willing to travel covering north of Birmingham, down to Bristol and South of Basingstoke. Sue has bases in Lincolnshire and Essex so can also cover these areas, Norfolk and the south of the North East.
    Company: RealITy
  • North East

  • Alan Molineaux
    Contact: 07540 723622 /

    Having had many years experience in both business and the charity sector I am able to deliver training courses and workshops to all levels of staff. Rooted Training offer quality management, leadership, and business training.

    Local to: Bingley, reaching out across Yorkshire
    Company: Rooted Training
  • Steve Mulgrew
    Contact: 0800 030 5241 /

    Steve is a former teacher of Modern Languages and ICT and Regional Subject Adviser. He specialises in the use of interactive technologies to support teaching and learning.

    Local to: County Durham
    Company: FantastICT
  • Joe Plachcinski
    Contact: 07824 785187 /

    Joe has worked within the education improvement service across all phases for many years. With 25 years classroom experience alongside managing change as ICT in schools developed and expectations grew.

    Local to:Yorkshire and Humber region reaching out to East and East Midlands
    Company: JLSP Associates Ltd
  • North West

  • Sarah Birchal
    Contact: 0800 030 5241 /

    Sarah s expertise is working with students and adults on podcasting and social media and is able to support creative ways to use the resource. She has a wealth of knowledge with digital video and editing.

    Local to: Lancashire
  • Stewart Hargreaves
    Contact: 0800 030 5241 /

    Stewart has worked for over 20 years as a secondary geography teacher and Head of Department in Lancashire. For 10 years he was the lead trainer for Promethean.

    Local to: Lancashire
    Company: FantastICT
  • Scotland

  • Shirley Rennie
    Contact: 07738 118933 /

    Local to: Fife. Willing to travel to Edinburgh
    Company: Broadcast Buddies
  • Andrew Craigie
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    Andrew is a former teacher with over ten years’ experience in developing and delivering ICT training courses. He has delivered courses on a wide variety of software titles, web technologies and hardware. His particular area of interest and expertise is the creation and use of multimedia.

    Local to: Glasgow and Central Scotland. Willing to travel to Edinburgh
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • Aileen Jamieson
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    Aileen has over 10 years’ experience in ICT training in education in a wide range of packages. She was involved in the NOF Training programme and has delivered specialist training to a variety of schools and colleges.

    Local to: Central Scotland.
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • Brendan O’Keane
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    Brendan has ten year’s experience of training before setting up his own computer consultancy business. His training experience is wide and varied including delivery of courses to school staff at all levels. He has been involved in the delivery of training at corporate level for 25 years.

    Local to: Glasgow and South West Scotland. Willing to travel
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • Joan Fleming
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    Joan has over 30 years of experience in Early Years Education, including a decade in ICT development with Glasgow City Council. Now working as a freelance consultant in partnership with EdICT Training Ltd.

    Local to: Central Scotland
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • John Murray
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    John has more than 20 years experience teaching in secondary schools and in college and 20 years supporting and training teachers in the use of ICT in the classroom. John is now an educational ICT consultant and trainer with a particular interest in online learning.

    Local to: West Central Scotland. Willing to travel through Central Scotland.
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • Martin O Callaghan
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    Martin has 23 years teaching experience in primary education. He is a SMART Certified Master Trainer and CEOP Ambassador. He is currently responsible for managing the ICT Training Contact with EdICT Training Ltd for Glasgow Secondary schools and is a firm believer in the impact that technology can make on young people’s lives.

    Local to: Central Scotland
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • Martin Thomson
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    Martin is a highly experienced ICT trainer and software demo artist, with specialisms in music, video and photo editing software among many others. An award-winning teacher with over 20 years’ experience, Martin has delivered training and demos across Europe and Scandinavia.

    Local to: Central Scotland
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • Rhona MacKenzie
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    Rhona is an experienced Primary teacher, trainer and consultant, previously working as a local authority Education Support officer working across all sectors; supporting establishments in embedding ICT into the curriculum, training teachers, support staff and working with pupils in the classroom.

    Local to: Glasgow. Willing to travel across Central Scotland.
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • Miriam Duffin
    Contact: 0141 582 0551 /

    Miriam is a former Primary teacher. Currently responsible for managing the ICT Training Contract with EdICT Training Ltd for Glasgow Primary schools. For 12 years Miriam has delivered ICT training to teachers throughout the UK and Middle East, and was heavily involved in NOF. SMART Certified Master Trainer and CEOP Ambassador.

    Local to: Glasgow. Willing to travel across Central Scotland.
    Company: EdICT Training Ltd
  • South East inc London

  • Brenda Graham
    Contact: 0800 030 5241 /

    Brenda is an experienced secondary school science teacher and for the past three years has worked for a Local Authority as Secondary Interactive Whiteboard Curriculum Consultant.

    Local to: North London
    Company: FantastICT
  • Nic Fielding
    Contact: 0800 030 5241 /

    With interests that include travel and sport, Nic is a Primary/Secondary trained teacher and a trained Community worker. Nic has 12 years experience as a trainer with a range of software partners.

    Local to: Essex
    Company: FantastICT
  • Peter Lillington
    Contact: 07875 504036 /

    Peter is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and subject leader, with many enjoyable and productive hours also spent as a hands-on trainer. Currently Peter combines teaching part-time in a London Primary school with ICT in learning consultancy, training and a role as a PGCE professional tutor.

    Local to: London and South East. Willing to travel with some notice.
    Company: Peter Lillington Learning and ICT
  • Kim Humphreys
    Contact: 07766 660482 /

    Kim is an experienced trainer and consultant in ICT in education and was an LA adviser for several years, supporting secondary and special schools in embedding ICT across the curriculum. She has many years of teaching experience in primary, middle and secondary schools. With specific interest in e-safety and school improvement through ICT, Kim is also a CEOP Ambassador and a Naace ICT Mark Assessor.

    Local to: Local to: Essex and Suffolk. Willing to travel across East Anglia
    Company: Talbot Howe
  • South West

  • Bob Harding
    Contact: 07795 237938 /

    Bob has worked in education for 30 years from subject leader in ICT to Local Authority ICT consultant. Specialising in ICT, Teaching, Learning, Coaching, Leadership, Management, ICT Mark.

    Local to: Wiltshire and reaching out to South Gloucester and North East Somerset
    Company: Learn21
  • Kathy Smedley
    Contact: 0800 030 5241 /

    Kathy has 10 years experience teaching in the primary classroom and now provides training and support to help schools develop a creative approach to their use of ICT across the curriculum. Kathy is particularly interested in developing online collaboration and publishing whilst ensuring pupils understand their responsibilities of netiquette and personal safety.

    Local to: Wiltshire. Willing to travel to Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, South Oxfordshire, Berkshire- Reading West Berkshire, Wokingham, Bracknell Forest.
    Company: FantastICT
  • Doug Woods
    Contact: 07793218711 /

    Doug has over 20 years experience in education and teaching. Predominantly in ICT education. Doug is now an ICT in education consultant and trainer.

    Local to: Gloucester and willing to travel to cover an area from Birmingham, through Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, Oxford, Wiltshire and into the Welsh Borders.
    Company: Deerwood Services Ltd

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