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Torbain's Best Stories
My Robert Burns day poem.
Read on to find out !!!!!!!
Read on to find out !
All about the Winter Olympics.
I have made up a short rap for the Monster Read competition!
Listen to P4B interviewing a famous author who recently visited Torbain!
Listen to our very spooky story if you dare......
Try new Angel dove. Out NOW!!!!
To help celebrate Chinese New Year p4a and p4b did poems
Reporters' Rules
27th Jan 13 11:52
DO:Make sure it is longer than two sentences. Use capitals in all of the important words in your title.Check that you have used capital letters and full stops to punctuate your sentences. ...
25th Jan 13 14:26
Capitals in your title.Capitals and fullstops to punctuate your sentences.Spelling check has been done.Read over to make sure it makes sense.More than two sentences long.Add a
Torbain Primary
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News for all football fans...
Read to find out more info!
Latest Blogs
27th Feb 12 15:33
Hi its Zozo the bozzo 123. I am in p6a/7c and our topic is called the lengand of Zelda. It is a very very fun topic and we have 4 groups. we have a Quest group I am in the Quest group. so back to the...
4th Mar 12 16:40
Most of you may have known I made a story about your favourite singer and I did NOT mention that I was going to announce a winner. There will be a 1st place, 2nd place and a third place so get voting...
5th Mar 12 15:42
At Torbain, we are now promoting reporters so that they can have more powers. They will be able to approve blogs and stories and edit the Torbain homepage! The reporters that will be chosen need to ...
5th Mar 12 16:42
Welcome to goal you may have noticed one feature is missing which is the shocker. Can Dempsey defend hat-trick hero, but wait and find out after results.Saturday 3rd of March Wigan 0- Swans
11th Mar 12 14:55
On Thursday 8th March there was an election and it was between Eco, SSC, TOP, Queen Of Hearts and an Independent. The Eco Party's petition was to get a classroom pet. The SSC's petition was to orginis...
11th Mar 12 17:22
There was a general election at Torbain on Thursday because we had been doing politics. Our class was split up into four different parties The ECO, Queen of Hearts, S.S.C and T.O.P. I was in ECO. We c...
11th Mar 12 18:03
Hi, at school ( Torbain ps ) we had a election. There were four partys and one Independent. The partys were called: Eco, The S.S.C, ( Scottish Success Criteria ) The Queen of Hearts and The T.O.P ( To...
11th Mar 12 18:41
On Thurday, P6c had an election. So everyone in the school from P4 and up went to go and vote for which party they wanted to win. The party's were, the Queen of Hearts,they were in 1st place, their pr...
24th Mar 12 12:24
Hi I am at Space School - Really fun!So far, I have seen lots and lots of stars that I had never seen before! (I saw them on the computer) We did computer science.After lunch, I am
26th Mar 12 15:33
About three or four weeks ago I got enterd into a gymnastics compitition it was a floor and vault comp.I was a little bit scared at first but I was okay I was in a group and my group came 1st we got ...
Recycling at Torbain
Recyling at Torbain. Remember to only put paper in to our paper recycling bins in each class. Paper towels are not allowed and you need to make sure that staples are not attached to the paper that you deposit. Also remember to bring in your old ink cartridges.
Makewaves App Advice
30th Sep 12 14:58
How to join to make a story
Have you heard about p6b's Breakfast Bar that is starting in February 2014?
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