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My Robert Burns day poem.
Read on to find out !!!!!!!
We passed Level One!
Read on to find out !
All about the Winter Olympics.
I have made up a short rap for the Monster Read competition!
Listen to P4B interviewing a famous author who recently visited Torbain!
Listen to our very spooky story if you dare......
Try new Angel dove. Out NOW!!!!
To help celebrate Chinese New Year p4a and p4b did poems
Earlier this year P3/4 hosted a Children's Rights Assembly. We all loved their song, so here it is for you all to listen to. Enjoy!
Morgan & Jade interviewed Bruce Wilkinson from Rights Respecting Schools.
Hope you enjoy!
Check this poll to see how the party you want to win is doing! :)
Check out this video all about victorians!
Click to watch primary 6 perform their very own pirate dance.
This is a bit about the Active Schools Olympics.
I am harrypottercrazy2002 hope you enjoy my timeline:-D!!!!
Reporters' Rules
27th Jan 13 11:52
DO:Make sure it is longer than two sentences. Use capitals in all of the important words in your title.Check that you have used capital letters and full stops to punctuate your sentences. ...
25th Jan 13 14:26
Capitals in your title.Capitals and fullstops to punctuate your sentences.Spelling check has been done.Read over to make sure it makes sense.More than two sentences long.Add a
27th Jan 13 11:49
When you are typing for a blog or story, use Microsoft Word to do it. This stops you from losing all of your work if the internet crashes. Remember to use capital letters to start each sentence and ...
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This is a story we made in class, I thought you might enjoy it
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I love to dance so i am going to teach you a couple of dance moves that i have been learning. :)
it has begun
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Powerpoint about minecraft on makewaves!
In this story I will tell you what I have been up to...
this is a weird story
Watch some footage of P5B (Group 2) beach combing and exploring rocks and fossils as they trek along the coastal path!
Some footage captured on our Go-Pro's of P5b Group 1 doing bike skills training in the playground and their adventures in the woodland bike trails!
Some footage of P5b (group 3) paddling to the island in the middle of Lochore and telling us about their journey.
In this story I will tell you about my Hobbies and Interests.
Danger Giant is about him and his sidekick Sophie trying to get rid of nine terrifying giants and gone forever.
me and gravity15
I went to my first netball tournament on Sunday with Space77.
Tim Peake was born in 1972 Chichester former British Army Air Corps officer.He is the first British citizen to be selected as astronaut by ESA. Peake began ESA's intensive astronaut basic training course in September 2009 and graduated on 22 November 2010.Name:Timothy Nigel Peake Age:43Rank:MajorBorn In: EnglandFamily Members:Rebecca and two sonsOther occupation:Test PilotMore picture
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My class has many highlights. For example the big apple walk, our class assembly and the NASA visit.We also have our class topics there are the Jacobites, Space and the Human Body.I'm going to miss P5...
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