Scunthorpe C.E Primary School


Microsoft was invented by Bill Gates, He's like the "engineered" of computers, he literally made Computers! Here's a website that counts his money!
Ramdhan is a festival of Islam. and is a blessed month for all muslims.
Class of 2016 videos shown at Valediction Evening
It is national Science week today! I'll tell you all about it!
It is better to be healthy, than unfit. Being healthy has a limitless amount of benifits. But Being Unhealthy has a limitless amount of risks.So Here is a guide to be healthy, once and for all!
Welcome To The World Of Epix Snax. Scunthorpe's most Epic Restaurant yet! Have fun!
There is lots of network formats, for example star networks, bus networks and ring networks. Here is some work of some networks
You go to Currys PC And look for a new monitor.. your walking and you say "Oh That's a but too Expensive!" Think about it, Can't you just get parts of a modern computer and create a masterpiece! Your better off with your money!
Computers have evolves through time, it just gets more complex. From typewriters to at the touch of your finger tips. It can be dangerous in the CyberWorld, Getting invaded by cruel hackers. but there is away to keep way from hackers and make the CyberWorld a fun and happy place for everyone!
At the St Lawrence Academy The New chess competition has Began Today at the LRC (Library) organised by Miss Watson! Do you think you can WIN! Tune in and ask miss Watson for More info!
A MUST READ By 15aaktar
Year 7 getting a head start!
By Liliana
this is my simpsons menu
by Fathimah Khalique
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