Stories by Students of The St Lawrence Academy
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2016-2017 Prefects
A poem to remind people exam season is approaching and it is important to study hard.
Umar Farooq & Georgia Rands
Pterosaurs(flying dinosaur) Making
By Umar Farooq
By Mishda,Destiny And Lily
Bad things can and do happen and the world can sometimes seem like a very scary and dangerous place. Fortunately there are some precautions you can take to reduce your risks. While nothing can completely protect you from every danger, there are some simple steps that you can take to avoid potential dangers or to deal with them when they happen.
A collection of photos. Organised by Mrs Bremner
Everyday most of us on computers. But do we know where we came from?
Organised by the R.E Department
by 14jlee
Organised by Mrs Bremner
News from The St Lawrence Academy
Created via the App
This is an example of what you will create to evidence your knowledge of programming concepts.
Watch the movie trailer and think about the questions below.
Buy a book. Film and photos by Ashley and Toma
This video shows how storyboarding was used to plan the camera shots for an advert.
Written by Amber Coggan 7G and directed by Gabriele Serksnaite 7G.
Please support Melissa by giving what you can. Filmed by Tony & Patryk
An author visits the TSLA
Year 11 Prom at Forest Pines. Write up and many pictures supplied by Rohela Khanom
Photographs and filming by Mr Drinkall and Mr Bower
STANDARD 5 - All new students, staff and visitors have an effective induction to the class/group. This video was made by the students during a cluster day
Three hours of curriculum time should be given to ICT in Key stage 3. In order that students have the opportunity to develop their capability in software applications, digital media and programming.
Live from the Scunthorpe Baths Hall