Stories by Students of The St Lawrence Academy
Stories by Students of The St Lawrence Academy
Sports day 2016 message filmed by Umar
Article taken from the evening paper uploaded by a member of staff
Ramdhan is a festival of Islam. and is a blessed month for all muslims.
Nepal Charity, Mrs Bremner
Filmed by Umar Farooq
Presented By Mr. Oates
Class of 2016 videos shown at Valediction Evening
2016-2017 Prefects
STANDARD 5 - All new students, staff and visitors have an effective induction to the class/group. This video was made by the students during a cluster day
Tony's making waves with his online videos according to the Scunthorpe Telegraph
Filmed by year 8 students Ashraf Rahman, Umar Farooq and year 10 students Ikra Parvez, Thomas Saxby and Przemyslaw Koperski
Remember those that gave up thier today so we could have a tomorrow. By Oliver, Tony and Ashraf
News from The St Lawrence Academy
By Levi, Ashraf and Cole
Lawrence on his return from the U15 Netball Tournament where St Lawrence were semi finalists
At Easter we are travelling to Cologne, Germany with students from Y8-11 for our biannual football t
Students use their experience at Sky to discuss split lunches.
Compressed version for viewing by Tablet. Filmed by Ryan, Ashely, Lisette and Chyna.
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Photos and videos by Mr Drinkall and Mr Bower
This is an example of what you will create to evidence your knowledge of programming concepts.
This video shows how storyboarding was used to plan the camera shots for an advert.
Written by Amber Coggan 7G and directed by Gabriele Serksnaite 7G.
Please support Melissa by giving what you can. Filmed by Tony & Patryk
Watch the movie trailer and think about the questions below.
Learning and Teaching Update Issue 1 and 2 attached which will open in Microsoft Publisher 2010
1st Reporter On Makewaves