Stories by Students of The St Lawrence Academy
Films And Photographs By Ashley And Umar. The winner of this years I Pod Shuffle was Matthew from 9E.
Photos and videos by Ashley and Przemyslaw
By Umar Farooq
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Videos and photos by Ryan and Ashley
Filmed by Ashely, Ryan, Umar and Ikra
News from The St Lawrence Academy
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This is an example of what you will create to evidence your knowledge of programming concepts.
Watch the movie trailer and think about the questions below.
Buy a book. Film and photos by Ashley and Toma
This video shows how storyboarding was used to plan the camera shots for an advert.
Written by Amber Coggan 7G and directed by Gabriele Serksnaite 7G.
Please support Melissa by giving what you can. Filmed by Tony & Patryk
An author visits the TSLA