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Site Posts
An interview with the winner of the Rutland round of the Rotary Young Chef of the Year
BTEC Year 11 music class put on a concert for Pudsey
Some year 7s were asked to create a landscape in a box. Listen to what we did.
Here is my quiz for Stormcloudtj who takes part in the YCiF
Created via the App
Watch Catmose's Sports Day
Have a look at today's app of the day - which is Clear
Me and Some of my Fellow Students Travel to the Big Bang Science Fair 2013
GCSE History Students experienced a brilliant taster day...
Interview with Secretary of State Michael Gove
Secretary of State of Education answers questions from Team Catmose
Interview with Lord Puttnam
I interview Lord Puttnam about his work and some of his inspirations
Interviews from Schools Network Conference
I speak to Nick Fuller from LOCOG
How to engage students
An interview with Dan Roberts
Electronic Recording
Views from delegates at the National Conference
Views from delegates from the National Conference
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