Lord Sebastian Coe

I got the amazing opportunity to interview Seb Coe.

26th June 2009
Also at the Mersyside Primary Sports festival I met Lord Sebastian Coe, and got the fantastic chance to interview him. He was very easy to talk to and answered al my questions with enthusiasm. I really enjoyed talking to him and he gave the Supporter to Reporter reporters some very good advice ready for our journey to the 2012 Olympics.
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Robert C. Coe says...
My name is Robert Coe, I have looked on my genelogy and found out that I am related to Lord Seb Coe. I currently live in Virginia of the USA. I am excited to see a picture of him. Lord Coe seemed willining to give a piece of himself in the interview at Mersyside Primary Sports festival. It would be an honor to meet him as well.
Respectfully, Robert Coe
28 June 10