pandas in captivity

this is a short story about pandas in captivity

27th February 2012
    two giant pandas began in china and then sadly got moved to a new home in edinbrugh zoo there names are Tian tian and yang Guang one is a girl and one is a boy therefore in the zoo they are looked after really well and happy but happer in the wild.

    it is good for the pandas being in captivity becouse they get loads of healty food as in the wild like carrots and the speciel cake that the owners make for the pandas . the bomboo cost loads of money it is £70000 .

    chris packham said that the pandas are a big big waste of money and that they should be left to die out with digteny the pandas are getting use to people and they are not ment not ment to they should be shy of humans

    I think pandas should stay in captivity becouse they are safer
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