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24th November 2011
On wednesday 23rd November 2011 my class and me went to the Science Museum and we had lots of fun there.We saw big machines and lots of other interesting things like planes,old cars,trains,bikes and also how it would be like an astronaut. After that we had to eat our lunch for a while but before that we went to the shop to buy just 3 or 2 things to take home. Also we went to a show that was called FLASH BANG WOLLAP!!!There were lots of explosions and real fire.It was amazing.Then we could do lots of sientific things like you put a straw on a vibrating thing and then you put your teeth on the straw and then put your fingers in your ears and you could hear rap music and there also was one where you had to build a bridge by numbers in order 1 to 7 and then we had to put the top on then we smashed it. It was great fun.
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