Students are out of control... Some Royals get a scare... Yep, a normal evening in London Square...

A mob of angry students attack Royals... This should make an interesting read!

10th December 2010
Students are out of control... No, not just throwing pencils around the classroom... Last night a mob of student protesters surrounded a shiny, royal car containing Prince Charles and Camilla. The car was smothered in paint, the doors kicked and the back window smashed. At one point Camilla attempted to wind her window down but one of the onlookers urged her to "Put the window up, put the window up!"

Charles and Camilla were both unharmed, however unsurprisingly shaken by the ordeal.
The Prime Minister condemned the attack, saying the "mob" that attacked the car must be arrested and punished.

He admitted he was "very concerned" about the lapse in royal security but insisted the blame had to be pinned on protesters determined to use violence.

"We want to learn the lessons from that but, above all, we want to make sure the people who behaved in these appalling ways feel the full force of the law," he said.

' One is most certainly not amused!'
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Policemen were injured as the riots continued...
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