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Today we talked about things we find tricky. We discussed how you should never give up, if you keep on trying you will get better and better!
Today we began exploring the concept of weight. We used scales to weigh different objects then we compared them using the correct mathematical vocabulary!
This week the assembly was all about 'new starts'. It was our first turn at taking the Gospel assembly!
This afternoon we had lots of fun sharing and playing with our toys!
This week we have looking at language to describe different dinosaurs. We saw pictures of dinosaurs and with our friend thought of as many words to describe the dinosaur as we could. We have then used this vocabulary to create descriptive sentences!
This week we heard about the Three Wise Men travelling to see the new born King.
Today we explored how to use cubes to measure objects. We had to accurately measure objects using cubes then discuss our findings.
We all find things tricky. Today we have been discussing things that help us to keep trying. We began with a calm down time, took on tricky challenges, listened to a story about a bear with worries and then discussed things and activities that we worry about and how we can deal with these feelings.
Today we began looking at the concept of measuring. We used different resources to compare and measure.
Today when we came to school we were shocked to find there had been visitors in our room - dinosaurs! We enjoyed completing lots of dinosaur related activities!
All of the staff are so proud of F2. They did a fantastic job in their Christmas performance of Whoops - A- Daisy Angel!
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This week we have been developing our throwing skills and aiming for a basket!
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