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To start our animal themed topic we brought Aesop's fable alive through the medium of dance.
Father celebrated our mass 'We are the Good News People.' The children read with reverence from the bible and responded to the Good News of the Gospel by sharing their Bidding Prayers. Gifts of bread and wine were blessed, then offered up to God. We shared the sign of peace with our friends.
From musical statues to pass the parcel - we played them all!
The day began with a visit to Santa then we made some snow people.
Today we celebrated St John the Evangelist whom our Parish and School is named after. We had to read a fact sheet about him and then create our own art work depicting symbols from his life.
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Take a look at our finished designs. What an amazing bunch of engineers we are!
The Red Burn Bridge has collapsed. Katie Morag can't deliver the mail. Y2M set out to build a new one.
As Advent approaches, we reflected on the signs and symbols used.
Take a look at the expressive moves we learnt to create in our dance lesson.
Having learnt about the Isle of Struay where Katie Morag lives and comparing it to where we live, we wrote a letter telling Katie which place was the best.
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