Miss Sharkey F2S

We were very excited this week to win John Bear along with Mr Muskett's class. We will be sharing him between us this week.
We have been practicing throwing and catching techniques this week with Mr Johnson. It was great fun!
We had to work with a partner to draw and label a dinosaur. We used fred fingers to help us and worked as a team.
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We have been exploring how to measure the weight of objects using weighing scales and the correct language.
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We have begun exploring length this week, measuring using ribbons, cubes and tape measures. We are comparing and using language log, short, longer, shorter.
Dinosaurs have invaded our classroom and left some things behind! We will be learning all about dinosaurs over the next few weeks and what the world was like that they lived in.
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We had a lovely day learning about St. John and doing lots of different activities. Take a look at what we did...
Waiting with excitement to begin "Whoops A Daisy Angel!
All of the staff are so proud of F2. They did a fantastic job in their Christmas performance of Whoops - A- Daisy Angel!
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