19th Feb 11 15:50
I have lots of kind friends okay here's my first friend this is my first friend its Esha and Karina,Jasmin they are really cool ,they help me in my work they cheer me up same like the others for exam...
17th Feb 11 18:58
Hi I am shellzone and I am in 4m I have been to America , India and Holland . Holland is the best place ever I have got so many friends like Jasmin, Esha,Karina ,Pavan and Iman.I have a really fun lif
6th Feb 11 17:09
Hey.I'm Leah in 4m and I have loads of best friends (ONLY GIRLS OBVIOUSLY). Their names are Pavan, Mahira, Simran, Maaya, Sachini, Aya, Iman, Zahrain, Jasmine, Esha and Ritika....(MANY MORE). My
31st Jan 11 17:32
Roman RelaxationWhat did the Romans do to entertain themselves?Did they play games?How did they relax?Why were baths so popular with the Romans?What did the Romans s
31st Jan 11 17:27
AbsorbencyWhat does it mean?Absorbency is…a materials ability to soak up a liquid.What materials do you think are absorbent?If you spilt water on the carpet, what wo