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This is the remembrance day broadcast 2014.
SMFM'S Annual visit to Falkirk's Red Book Awards - we interview the authors and organisers
Jean Armour is interviewed on "Scotland the Day" the year after her husband, Robert Burns' death
War is declared in 1914 and Andy is persuaded to join up. We follow him to the front and back again.
Byron Darling is a young assistant and 2nd. assistant Director who has worked on "The Lord of the Rings", "Avatar" and "The Hobbit" amongst others.
Auxiliary Bishop Robson celebrated mass for St. Mungo's Day
SMFM interviewed the authors and organisers of the Falkirk Red Book Awards
Rabbie Burns is in Edinburgh to promote his book - "Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect" and is interviewed on "Scotland the Day"
In this long awaited episode we learn Manuel's history
In 1916, players from Heart of Midlothian, Falkirk, Raith Rovers and Dunfermline football clubs joined McCrae's Battalion, the 16th. Royal Scots. Our story follows 3 fictional Falkirk lads who followed suit, a move which leads them to the Somme.
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