Since 2003, schools have used Makewaves to safely explore, create and connect online. Makewaves is the safe learning environment that provides social media for education. It enables schools to create and safely share videos, podcasts and posts.

The Makewaves Way

Children at the heart of everything we do

Makewaves is made for young people. We provide a safe social network for their posts and videos to be shared with the world. We work with high profile partners to create unique opportunities and connections for all children.

A safe space makes a creative place

Makewaves provides a safe, moderated social network for children and young people to meet others and share ideas. Teachers and educators can easily support learners and check all content. Our trained and certified staff ensure Makewaves is a fun environment that encourages individual development and digital citizenship.

Everyone has skills that should be celebrated

Makewaves provides rich social media experiences that put young people in charge and challenge them to develop their skills for a real, global audience. Badges allow learners to evidence their skills and interests to colleges and employers.

Easy tools for big results

We know that teachers need access and control to effectively manage a whole word of learning in their school. Our school posting tools are designed for teachers not technicians. Makewaves' tools support proven teaching approaches such as peer assessment, personalised feedback and project based learning to increase attainment at all levels.

Classrooms don't have walls

Our apps and responsive sites make creating, connecting and sharing simple and easy to do whether you are in or outside the classroom. Makewaves can be accessed in school or at home allowing learning to be connected across formal, informal and non-formal settings.

Technology is a tool - it should be constantly sharpened

The Makewaves site is constantly being developed to ensure schools benefit from the very latest social media technology. Our approach to learning is a key part of our innovation - with new models of working, in-depth evaluations and cutting edge research we ensure Makewaves is always at the forefront of education.

Privacy within Makewaves

You have control over your own Makewaves site, choosing how much (or how little) you would like to share within the community. We provide sites with customisable Privacy settings that keep you in control of your students work. You can choose from one of the following Privacy packages, or choose to customise the settings yourself.

General Public

Parents, family members and the general public can see posts that you chose to publish. Profile descriptions and images are kept private to members. Users can be friends with all Makewaves members.


Only logged-in Makewaves members can see your profile images and posts. Users can add Makewaves members as friends.

Only your Site

Only members of your Site can view profiles and posts. Approved profile images can be seen by members. Users can only add members of your Site as friends. To control how pupils use comments use "Customise These Settings".

Only you and the publishers

Only you and publishers of your site can view profiles and posts. Approved profile images can be seen by members. Users can only add members of your Site as friends. To control how pupils use comments use "Customise These Settings".

Growing Up Digital Charter

At Makewaves, we believe and agree that children and young people should be given access to and control over how they use technology. The Growing Up Digital report from the Children's Commissioner identifies three key areas to help support children in becoming citizens and not just users of the internet;
Digital Resilience,
Digitally Informed and
Digital Power.

At Makewaves, we aim to give learners the opportunities to help develop in these areas.

To read the full report, click here

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