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Glenn Wheeler argues that the Weslhman will be a success at Real Madrid...
Glenn watched the action from as Colchester faced Tottenham in this pre-season friendly...
21/11/12 (16:45-16:55)
Lets take a look where each club stands.
I was fortunate enough to attend the club's annual Press Day...
The Sainsbury's 2012 School Games reaches the Olympic Park for its final day...
The Sainsbury's 2012 School Games has provided much entertainment for the Presenters...
There are a number of disability sports at the Sainsbury's 2012 School Games, including wheelchair basketball...
We are the team of Young Presenters who will be guiding you through the Sainsbury's 2012 School Games...
Who will win the 2012 RBS Six Nations?
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16th Dec 11 16:12
Christmas is finally here!!!
28th Oct 11 12:43
I have enjoyed my first half term at Thurstable secondary. I have excelled in German, I believe the english teacher is as bonkers as a pinnaple and the best bit is, the FOOOOD!!!!! MMM MMM MMMMMMM!!!
26th Jul 11 19:32
Now that we've (finally...) broken up, I have time to indulge my great passion - cycling. Today, I rode to Ely, a round trip of 95 miles. It was quite a slog into the headwind on the way the
19th Apr 11 18:27
When we were at the television centre it was all very confusing with all of us getting into groups, the adults handing out equipment and us thinking of questions. Yet again Dan Walker couldn't make it...
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