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Keep on trying and never give up! I hope you enjoy this post!!!!
We interview Steph McGovern at the Big Bang Fair
Interview with Richard Drinkwater
Featuring Molly, Jorja, Freya, Zara and Jessica.
this is a interview with sia
Our thoughts and sympathy go out to the people who are affected by tragic events
Habibha, Jayda, Harry, Amelia, Michaela, Shiuli, Aaisha and Oliver present themselves towards year 10. Filmed by Henrique, Joshua and Tony
hi i will be talking about Llamas
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This interview is all about interviewing Michael Morpurgo!
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Mary Berry is one of my favourite celebritys and I would love to interview her . Here are a few questions I would like to ask her:
here are some questions I would ask Ariana Grande