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I Wolverine Interview Northampton Town youth player Dom Green
On Saturday the 18th of July David and I went to Silverstone race course to look at formula student racing. This is a compitition where university from around the world design and build and race there own cars
My partner and I interviewd some players and parents to ask them whether they think the Saints get involved with the local comminity.
I went to Cambridge's BBC station to see what they do and to get some information from some of the staff
malachai and I did some work on the saints by interviewing pete who works with in the club and got a few shots of the ground.
My interview is about what Chamilla best moments in his life are or what he does with the steelbacks.
Northampton town lost to Oldham Athletic today 1-0. This is my intervew with the Cobblers photographer. I asked him what his job involves.
My audio is about what people thought about this week and what they thouhgt went well and what didn't go well .And what they enjoyed about the week
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16th Feb 11 17:20
On the 16th of Febuary I wolverine Interviewed a Northampton Town youth player Dom Green and asked him what him about his time at the Cobblers and his time time when he was at Stoke City Football Club...
9th Feb 11 17:28
My views on the Newcastle and Arsenal game is that I thought both teams made a fantastic game come to life. It was like watching Fireworks. As an Arsenal fan I tought that the gunners were cheated by ...
26th Jan 11 17:30
On the 26th of January 2011 Lilwayne, Badboy 2 and myself Wolverine interviewed Jaimie the magnificent. The questions we asked her was about her time in rowing and any good memories she had while doin...
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Val says...
I'm glad you enjoyed the visit - I did too. You've remembered some really interesting facts from the tour. WEll done.
13 August 09
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Anna says...
I enjoyed working with you on Saturday and seeing your work. You worked really hard to edit your video interviews and get the music you wanted. I look forward to seeing it. Well done
01 June 09
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Helena Weedon says...
What great work you have done.
glad you enjoyed the match:)
01 March 09
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val says...
You've done some great work this week - well done. I'm really proud of you all.
01 March 09
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