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Digital art insipred by Andy Warhol's screen prints
Watch this tutorial to find out how to create your own Warhol style pop art picture
We release our beautiful butterflies into the wild
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Cool cam toys built by 5HL
Find out how to earn this brilliant badge!
Find out how to earn this badge
Write a poem about emotions for this competition
Find out more about our exciting mini-saga competition
Have a look at our Carol Concert and Xmas Factor performances
Watch my video about the best rugby union team!
Matilda Who Told Lies, And Was Burned to Death by H. Belloc
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Here's the preview for our first green screen movie
We wrote and performed radio plays set in Tudor times. Listen to them here!
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12th Jun 13 07:19
Whitchurch FM stories have now reached the 5000 mark. Wow! That's a lot of stories!
10th Jun 13 20:13
Well done TrendyGirl6 and GlitterHorseSparkles! Your story has been chosen for the Makewav.es homepage! Fantastic work!Click here to read, watch and listen to the awesome story:How to Draw a Perfect P...
21st Feb 13 20:43
Three out of the five Top Reporters on Makewav.es are from Whitchurch FM and we are the number one Top Site on Makewav.es!Well done to GlitterHorseSparkles, ParadiseAngel, Futachimaru and al
4th Feb 13 16:19
Get to work on your Safer Interent Day stories and you could earn a SID badge for your efforts.You might even make it onto the Makewav.es homepage like GlitterHorseSparkles. Read her informa
15th Jan 13 19:35
Read the maths story that made it onto the Makewav.es homepage:https://www.makewav.es/story/458693/title/meanmedianmo
13th Jan 13 20:18
Well done to GlitterHorseSparkles for your fabulous story giving High School advice. You have made the homepage with this excellent piece.Read it here:https://www.makewav.es/story/456226/title/highsch...
18th Dec 12 23:03
4000 stories on Whitchurch FM!
21st Oct 12 13:44
Another great Whitchurch FM story on the MakeWaves homepage.Check it out now!https://www.makewav.es
25th Aug 12 16:43
Another Whitchurch FM story has been chosen to grace the homepage of MakeWaves! Congratulations Hime-Pika-Pika-Yuki for your introduction to clones.To read the story, follow this link: https://www.mak...
25th Aug 12 16:27
Congratulations - the following Whitchurch FM students have created a successful olympic themed report and will receive their very own shiny 2012 Reporter Medal when they return to school:An
28th Jun 12 18:48
A great big well done to Futachimaru for winning the Radiowaves Best Story Award. Follow this link to see...
Congratulations to Whitchurch FM reporter, Futachimaru, for being made Radiowaves reporter of the month!Check out Futachimaru's page for information on his latest album.
22nd Apr 12 15:16
Whitchurch FM is a Champion School once more! Well done to all of the fantastic reporters on Whitchurch FM - without your hard work, Whitchurch FM would not have been awarded Champion School status. F...
22nd Apr 12 15:14
The story 5HL Go Potty! can be found on the Radiowaves homepage. Click on this story to see the Year 5 class make their clay creations.
12th Apr 12 16:17
Great work from Hime-Pika-Pika-Yuki who's story, Danger In The Balkans, has made been put onto the homepage of Radiowaves.Follow this link to read the story now:
Congratulations to Jess1234 from Whitchurch FM who is Radiowaves reporter of the month!Keep up the good work, Jess!
8th Feb 11 08:29
Whitchurch FM has a grand total of two thousand stories!
9th Jun 10 21:52
More fantastic news for Whitchurch FM reporters - we have won the award for Best Primary Station in the Radiowaves Online Awards 09/10!

Well done for all of the time and effort you have put into writ...
4th Jun 10 21:41
Amazingly we now have 1000 stories on Whitchurch FM!

Congratulations to all reporters who have contributed to this grand total.

I very much look forward to reading the next thousand!
2nd May 10 19:49
I have just this minute noticed that the wonderful reporters at Whitchutch FM have made a total of 800 stories! Wow, that's a lot of recording and writing!

Well done to every single reporter who has ...
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