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Digital technogeek, playground teddy friend, artist/craftswoman, motivator, lable maker.... enjoying anything to do with computers, (except fixing them when they go wrong). I LOVE to read (science fiction). Making videos is something I really enjoy - always one project on the go, and another million ready in my head. I use Serif movieplusx3. Do lots of desktop publishing stuff - and have a passion for fonts. I enjoy finding new technology and geeky type things out - I enjoy making our many websites....! I don't like nagging people about using capital letters, but it drives me nuts! I love it when people write LOADS of words in their stories on our Riversdale station. And pictures, I love pictures. I am an LSA (learning support assistant), based in the ICT room at school. We have four Riversdale School websites which I set up, and manage. I love to hear about new software and educational ICT gossip, so do share with me if you have anything interesting I can pass onto our students!
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28th Nov 12 19:41
As many of you know, Year 5 went on a trip to a Royal Home. I was lucky enough to go with them, and my job was to take the photographs! It was a very grey, wet London weather kind of day, and the ligh...
2nd Sep 12 15:06
I am sure you have all realised that Radiowaves has now changed its name to Makewaves. However if you do an online search for 'Radiowaves' you will still be able to find it! Your search will point you...
10th Jun 12 22:59
So much fun, and so many wonderful photos of the day were taken! I am putting them altogether in one of our great Smileboxes - here is a little taster!
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