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I am a Muslim. I like ninjas, they are cool and acrobatic. my birthday is on November 11/11 and now I am 12.My school is Ashcroft Tech Academy, I am in yr7. It is a fun and good school. They teach you so many cool stuff.I love horror stuff and games and my nick name is surprise all over. When I grow up I want to become a builder building Mosques or be a business man. My favourite sport is football and my favourite football team is chelsea and my favourite player is John Terry. I am one of the best defenders in the school. These are my top 5 favourite colours: 1.Blue 2.Pink 3.Gold 4.Orange 5.Green 6.Black and here are my greatest friends Exo, MoonBeam1, Graphic Corner News, RollerCoasterGirl, Drogba456 , Manutd101, Lionel Messi123, Jeff Hardy extreme, Racing cow, Darkhermit, German Shark Fighter, Justinmyworld10jb, Ronaldineo, Black4me ,Wisefire and Awooie ( I will add more people when they are great friends to me). But don't forget my favourite publishers are Amyjamjam and WendyElf. Last but not least I am a no.1 fan of Lemon Bubble. SO EVERYBODY KEEP UP THE COOL WORK!!
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17th Mar 12 10:32
Sorry If I haven't been on radiowaves for ages. It's because I have had lots of homeworks to do and well lots of projects. Its so hard in Secondary School. But anyway since I'm back I will try 2 do my...
7th Apr 11 08:30
On Saturday I'm going to Pakistan I can't believe it. I'm going on P.I.A (Pakistan international airline) I 'm going to see my cousins and I'm going to ride a horse. I will write a diary and then I wi...
25th Feb 11 11:29
He is the best mate I've ever had since I got to radiowaves. He's is very clever and he is the best at drawing and he is on the top10. He made a thingy called Graphic Corner and his name Is Exo (Exogi...
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