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Watch our cleaners get down and boogie to 'your the one that I want'
Our Dinner ladies ditched their uniforms and came out to play for the last Tanshall Show.
Watch all the staff having a laugh for the last Tanshall School Show.
Trip down memory lane...
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Girls Football Tournament
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The sky at night
Our Movie starring Harrison the Bear
Watching the solar eclipse at school
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23rd Jul 13 16:39
Bought a mug in lakeland that cooks chocolate cake in a mug! You add all the dry ingredients up to the markings then a beaten egg, milk and oil. Pop into microwave for 3 mins and .... voila!!! Chocola...
20th Jul 13 18:07
Wow!!! I have now won four games in a row!!!! My girls are not too chuffed!! They think I shouldn't be allowed to use Tom Bakers scarf!! It will be interesting to see how ling my winning streak lasts....
16th Jun 13 19:35
We did our sponsored walk today. It was really good. We all wore our jammies!!! It was really sunny and we got lots of nice photos. 3 guides got enrolled - a day they will not forget! We were raising ...
15th Jun 13 20:57
Tomorrow I am going on a sponsored walk across the Forth Road Bridge. I am doing it with my Guides. We are raising money to pay for a bus to take us to the Tartan Gig in August.We are wearing our jamm...
12th Jun 13 21:42
Phew - the mammoth task of writing all 31 of my class reports is finally finished! I will breath a sigh of relief tomorrow when they get printed off and all make perfect sense! It now means that I can...
29th May 13 21:10
Well e1 wasn't working properly tonight so I figured I would try to approve as much as I could on Makewaves - hope you are all happy : )Over 60 stories and 15 blogs - well done to all you hard working...
29th May 13 19:43
At the weekend I went to a Girl Guider training - it was all about how to take girls away on a pack holiday. It was strange going to Balmullo without any Brownies or Guides. But it was a great weekend...
29th May 13 19:29
Bear with me everyone. I am trying to get as many done as possible. It's hard to get lots of them done when I have all my report cards to write too! Unfortunately reports tend to trump Makewaves!I wil...
28th May 13 21:58
We are all struggling to add a weblink to any comments for the makewaves awards - can anyone help?
6th May 13 22:00
I am really looking forward to our school trip tomorrow. Having done the project Wallace and Bruce we are going to Stirling Castle to explore the area and find out lots more!
29th Mar 13 15:39
Created by Android Phone
2nd Mar 13 19:59
Bliss ... back in my own class : )It was great to be back with P5 on Friday, after such a mixed-up week for me. We did music, caught up on lots of things and then spent time on mak
28th Feb 13 22:42
Today I visited P2 for a while in the morning, and covered P7 in the afternoon. In-between I did rugby, music and ICT with P5.It was great to visit P2 - I tried to learn all their names, and
28th Feb 13 22:40
It was so nice to get back to school - so much less stress : )I also really enjoyed doing the makewaves club at lunchtime. We haven't managed to meet for a couple of weeks. It was great to c
28th Feb 13 22:37
What a long night I had last night! Swatting up on all the facts that I felt I had forgotten! Now I know what it feels like to be sitting all your exams at school - I will have more sympathy for my da
28th Feb 13 22:32
On Monday I went to the Mines Rescue place in Crossgates to do a refresher for my first aid at work certificate. It was a very long day. I felt that I had forgotten so much information! So much to tak...
24th Feb 13 18:10
I am going to be away on a first aid course the next 2 days! This means lots of hard work as my brain tries to take in all the signs and symptoms of so many different ailments. I am quite happy with t...
23rd Feb 13 18:21
Created by Android Phone
21st Feb 13 21:52
I decided to spend a bit of time with my book review and do a pivot animation to go along with it. It has taken a long time, but has been lots of fun. I don't often get the time to "play" on the compu
21st Feb 13 18:18
My class, Champion Chimps, has a student who is looking after them lots til Easter. It means that I can help with lots of other things around the school, visit other classes and help with the school w...
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