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hElLo I like RoSeS aNd iM 11 YeArS oLd aNd I like My fRiEnDs AnD iTs NiCe On RaDiO wAvEs My FaVoRiTe AnImAl Is CaTs. I like To HeLp My MuM iN tHe kiTcHeN aNd gO sOmE wHeRe CoOl. ;) I lIkE tO rUn ArOuNd AnD wAcH Tv. On RaDiOwAvEs I gOt To ExPloRe NeW sTuFf. My FaV CoLOUr Is GoLd BeCaUsE I aM a GoLd CoIn. I love to go around the world but the problem is that some times i fall sick its not nice at all. well what iam i talking about what i really like to do is have lots of fun and i lov choclete when its melty it taste real nice trust me u should try it. well I'am going to turn 12 on the 3th sep 2012
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21st Apr 12 19:16
Yesterday there was a plane crash in Pakistan and I over heard it on news I was really shocked and I heard that no one survived and all together their were 127people who died and that was really upset...
31st Mar 12 18:52
Wow its easter! I can not wait for the easter holidays so exitting I really dont know were to start fromGermany,Pakistan or London lets start with London For the Easter holidays my cousins m
20th Mar 12 14:44
Today at my school we had a work shop about hindus and we got told about the gods names and we got to get dressed up in a sari and it was very tricky becuase I did not know how to wear it and it kept ...
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