21st Jun 13 09:15
This week P4 have all been chosen for star of the week because they all behaved so well on their trip to bowling and lochore meadows. They all had a really good time because they were nice to each oth...
20th Jun 13 14:42
This week we went on our trip with Primary 2. We got minibuses for the trip to the bowling alley in Dunfermline. When we got there we got split into 5 lanes with 5 or 6 children in each group. Only on...
13th Jun 13 14:33
This week has been a happy and sad week for P4. Our lovely helper Miss Imrie left this week as her time with us was finished. We were sad to see her go but she gave us lots of sweets and that made us ...
13th Jun 13 14:27
Our star of the week was chosen because he has made such a big improvement in PE. This was shown at sports day when he performed well, tried his best and ran much faster than at the beginning of the y...
30th May 13 12:29
Our star of the week was chosen because she has been making more of an effort to get on with the rest of the class and has been involving everyone who she works with. She was particularly good at work...
30th May 13 12:16
This week we have been drawing community pictures for a competition. We started talking about about community and doing sketches with P3 last week. Community means a group of people or a place and can...
16th May 13 14:38
This week, Primary 4 have been learning about Roman Numerals. We worked out sums when the numbers were written in Roman numerals. We also had to make a table that told us what the number of the numera...
16th May 13 14:14
We choose our pupil of the week because he tidied up the whole class when no-one else did and he has been being really nice to everyone. He does his work very well and quietly and he is friends with e...
9th May 13 14:38
Our child of the week was chosen because he has been trying hard with his writing this week and has made a big improvement to his handwriting.
9th May 13 14:25
This week we have been drawing flowers. We are practising drawing flowers because we are entering a competition where you have to draw wild flowers. Next week we will try to bring in some of our own f...
2nd May 13 14:40
This week Primary 4 have been doing Roman numerals with Mr Finlayson. We cut the numerals out of paper and stuck them down. All of the numerals are capital letters from our alphabet.
2nd May 13 14:37
Our star of the week was chosen because she has been staying out of arguments this week and has made an improvement to her behaviour.
25th Apr 13 14:39
Our star of the week was chosen because he has been trying really hard with his writing this week and has been making it very neat. He also managed to stay on the sun by showing good listening and an ...
25th Apr 13 14:29
Our topic this term is Romans. We have been making our own Roman profiles and diaries. We read a topic book together to learn about Roman life so that our diaries would be authentic. We each got to ch...
19th Apr 13 09:51
Our stars of the week are always very helpful and try to keep the classroom tidy. They also worked very well together in our drama games this week. Well done!
19th Apr 13 09:24
This week we have had lots of different teachers and lots of different things to do! We had St Andrews University come to the school with their planetarium on Wednesday. We saw a
19th Apr 13 09:19
Before the holidays three pupils made a clics model of Sonic the Hedgehog! We hope you like it as much as we do!
21st Mar 13 14:45
Our star of the week was chosen because he finished his bar chart with no help at all and then helped other people to finish their bar charts too.
21st Mar 13 14:20
In maths this week we have been making surveys to ask other classes. We asked P7 and P3 to answer a question that had different options. We wrote the answers in a table and then we made a bar graph in...
15th Mar 13 09:37
We have been working hard on our health assembly this week. We have been practising in the classroom and in the hall. We are looking forward to showing you are assembly today but we are still a bit ne
15th Mar 13 09:34
Our star of the week was chosen because he has been trying so hard to learn all of his lines for the P4 health assembly. He has also been behaving well for all of the teachers who have taught him this...
8th Mar 13 13:45
Our star of the week was chosen because he has been helping out without being asked and has been behaving perfectly for a new teacher. He has been setting a good example to the rest of the class.
7th Mar 13 14:34
This week we had World Book Day and every class read 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler. Instead of doing RWI comprehension we did our comprehension on 'The Snail and the ...
28th Feb 13 14:51
Our star of the week was chosen because he wrote a fantastic book review in paragraphs. He has also been making an extra effort with his work and behaviour this week.
28th Feb 13 14:25
This week we had a visit from Zoolab. We got to hold nocturnal animals like a snake, a giant South African snail, a rat and a cockroach. We got to see a tarantula too but we couldn't hold it because i...