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An interview with the winner of the Rutland round of the Rotary Young Chef of the Year
Why we chose art for our options
Future chef round at Catmose College
Me and Some of my Fellow Students Travel to the Big Bang Science Fair 2013
Our team at the Extreme Physics Challenge 2013
Catmose students raise money for charity through a cycle ride
I go to Rutland Radio to be a co-host for the morning..
Here is our English speaking animation for our iGCSE coursework.
An experiment to shows rates of chemical reactions
Catmose students hit the Big Screens at London 2012
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21st Dec 11 08:51
Now that Christmas is almost here it is time to start feeling festive. What ever you are doing for Christmas have a merry holiday and don't forget to leave a mince pie and a carrot for Santa and Rudol
21st Nov 11 11:53
Today we have been preparing for the SSAT National Conference. Beginning period 1 of this morning we researched some of the people that will be attending the conference. We prepared questions for peop...
17th Apr 11 12:57
Easter, a time of celebration, a time of remembrance and a time of chocolate...But it recently occurred to me that instead of the age-old, world- famous Easter egg, people are getting presents. S
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