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30th Mar 13 20:37
A lot has happened. The dreaded SATs are creeping up, but I was the talent show along with my friend Goombas2002. We didn't win, or become a runner up. Though we did have fun. We also have had a recen...
12th Feb 13 12:58
Last week i hurt my finger- with a blender! It did really hurt, but the pain (thankfully) has gone away. I can't really tell you much about it, because its all gory. But this made me laugh w
20th Jan 13 14:41
Since Friday,there has been snow. Our school and was still open, however our parents could pick us up from school for travelling reasons. School for us may or may not be open tomorrow. I hope it isn't...
25th Dec 12 19:15
A video of something I made at school while I'm telling you I'm bored,because, I'm bored. Merry Christmas!
24th Dec 12 23:27
Yeah I now it's late, but I love the new tablet we have! It's so fun, I'm using it to update this blog; I can't wait for Christmas tomorrow! I really have to stop using so many exclamation marks. Merr...
13th Dec 12 12:23
Here's an avatar I made form make your wild self.
9th Nov 12 12:34
Hi,my internet still isn't working so I'm writing this blog from school.Lately I've been watching Xfactor and Rylan is my favourite,then union j,then Ella. Who's your favourite? Comment please. <
5th Oct 12 12:41
Hi guys! Sorry for the big silence- I haven't got internet connection!! But... I'm in club at our school,so every Friday, there'll be new stories and blogs. Anyway, today, is Buckingham Pri
7th Sep 12 10:56
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20th Aug 12 11:09
Happy Eid to everyone on hope you have/had a brilliant eid!!
7th Aug 12 13:49
This site is no longer called radiowaves,it's now called makewaves!!! We now have to get used to the fact it's called makewaves!!! Also please apply to the Safewaves crew my publisher hasn't approved ...
5th Aug 12 20:50
Ok, day 15 of the summer holidays!!!! After over 5 years I can talk to my family on Skype!!! I've felt more confident and happier.Even though I'm not going Hind leap warren,my aunty is staying here fr...
19th Jul 12 09:29
Hey people,I'm @ school!!!!!! We've all nearly finished our ICT lesson ,which is to re tell the story of the piano,using windows movie maker.It's pretty cool,and we have our achievement assembly at 10
18th Jul 12 18:06
I didn't put this on youtube,but it's hilarious the lyrics are.The singing-could be better-not trying to be mean but see for yourself and like if it was funny!!!My blog.And if you have a youtube accou
3rd Jul 12 12:41
New themes!!! I love them so much!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! They're awesome!!! Lights,Flowers,Circles,Footballs and Mic!!! Hooray!
10th May 12 19:14
I've changed the date to 31st August 2012,for the safe crew. Heart:
It's been very wet these past 2 months.I had to walk home in the rain!!!!!!!!!!! And a year's worth of rain has come.Even snow.Talk about weird weather?!
5th Apr 12 19:26
On 3rd April,Paradise1977 came to meet up in the park.then,after a couple of hours I asked if she could stay the night.Her parents and my parents said yes.So it turned out she slept over!We watched a ...
2nd Apr 12 21:37
I'm going to be 10,and i'm having a party on Saturday.I can't wait and me and varjak have the same b-day!But he's 6hrs older than me,though I more mature-not.LOL! Anyway,varjak my message to you and p...
2nd Apr 12 21:35
Me and redcross have now agreed that we will make stories with eachother,so we are no longer in competition.


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In year 6, we have created bags. From cases to bags, they're in display in all their glory!
We have created a poem about a picture that Joesph Turner created- read more to find put!
I know I've done it again!
Four days on, we're still here!
Yay!Today's the day!
This is a story about what our school is doing for Christmas!
This is a story on how to... well read the title basically and then read on!
This is a jam packed story on Children in Need. I hope you like it!
By doing this I am becoming a senior member of the safewaves crew
Take a tour of the Park and Stadium at the Paralympic Games and meet some of the people who made it possible.
This is my report on what the Paralympic stadium was like when we went there. I hope you like and comment!
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pick a band!!!!!
Summer holidays started on the 21st July for Buckingham,when did it start for you?Read this jam packed story for more!!
Here are some super cool,awesome,epic and hilarious videos.I hope you like them!!!!
We started this Olympic Fortnight on Monday 25th June 2012.Sorry I haven't told you before!!!
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