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My Stories
How I am getting on, new friends and homework!
Leave Your Comments Here And Tell Everyone What You Have Been Doing This Summer!
I Went To See Katy Perry: Part Of Me With My Bff!
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This Certainly Does NOT Happen Often!
Have You Challenged Yourself?
Thank You Guys So Much! (Like my pic?)
P7's Have Been Visiting The High School over The Last Few School Days To Take Part In An Home Econimics Class To Make An Energy Bar, (Flapjacks)!
I Have An Extremely Bad Burn On My Neck.... Nearly A Hospital Job!
A New Feature To My Page!!
Manchester United or Manchester City?
What Is Beep Beep Day? What Did My School Do? Read this story!
My Review On The Match...
And a little bit of information that you could learn from!
With Not To Many Weeks Until One Team Is Crowned CHAMPIONS!!!
I Am Writing This To Stop Confusion
.... The Titanic Set Sail From Southhampton
Here Is My Entry For TheMole's New Design A Theme Competition!
Enjoy The Story!
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30th Jul 12 21:38
C'mon Team GB and win us some medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games!!
15th Jun 12 22:25
I had my P7 induction days for the high school I will be attending after the summer which I will tell you a bit about in a story in more depth later... I leave the link in the comments box below!
18th May 12 16:59
Thank you soo much TheMole for featuring my story on the Radiowaves homepage... It really means alot to me!!!! I can't say thank you enough but it really does mean alot to me so Thanks!!
11th Apr 12 15:15
...... Everyone knows about the themes on Radiowaves and most people would like to make one for the whole of Radiowaves to use on their page. Well, now's your chance to make a theme! It isn't necessar...
8th Apr 12 17:27
If you are noticing drastic changes in my Radiowaves page that's because I don't come on often but when I do come on, I want my page to look good and fresh!I love the new themes and I can't
3rd Nov 11 16:12
Now I am in Primary 7, I am getting harder words to spell which has given me a wider range of vocabulary. I am going to this opportunity to use these words in my stories, blogs, comments and all the r...
3rd Oct 11 17:04
Hope you like the NEW look!
10th Jul 11 17:05
Permanent tattoos last forever but really do hurt when you get them. If you really really want one think before you do. If you get one and then decide you don't like it then it isn't good news. You ha...
17th May 11 17:42
Over the next to weeks pupils from Dalgety Bay Primary School will have a chance to do a various ammount of activites. These include Sports Day, Hoola Hooping, Zumba, Karate, Fruit tasting, Tennis, Ti...
10th Apr 11 10:20
I am going to Tenerife for a week on the 1st July onwards so I will hardly be on Radiowaves in that time! But I think it will be time for a break!
4th Apr 11 20:41
Just letting you know I am going to be changing my picture in case you won't be able to find me on your friends list! I haven't done it yet because I haven't been on my laptop for a while, I have been...
19th Mar 11 10:08
Just watching this animation makes me hungry looking at the fruit. It looks so juicy!!!It's a shame I would have to eat Hello Kitty to get some! LOL!
18th Mar 11 21:08
Three things I should say to you about this animation.Love dolphins?Love animations?Love This!
18th Mar 11 20:47
When you see these people in Africa with hardly any food who are starving or even worse, no family. It makes you just want to cry your heart out. Make a change in the world. Give your money!
17th Mar 11 20:35
I seriously thought this riddle was easy and someone would get it straight away, I asked my Dad and he answered very quickly. People have said slugs nag snails but no and Exogie said a dog which was a...
12th Mar 11 12:27
For some people I go fast, for others I go slow and some people just have to rely on me, it's a habit! I have started you off easy but it will get harder!!!!
10th Mar 11 18:54
To get honours you have to get 93% in Everything and that's exactly what she did. In America it is a very big deal and I am very proud of my cousin, she is very clever! How amazing is
8th Mar 11 19:15
I want to know how to spell (What I said in the title) I know I have spelt it wrong but comment to see who can spell it right first but no one can be sure if it is right.... Or wrong!!!
6th Mar 11 19:14
I made another Hernandez pic because I was bored. Tell me what you think and please comment and like this blog, Bye! And hope you like it!
6th Mar 11 10:01
My third review on moshlings so look at the ones I done on DJ Quack and Gingersnap! This is on Snookums so please enjoy this one. I also just got this moshling today, very cute!Snookums is a