28th Oct 11 20:24
Hallowe'en is here, so put on your gear. Time to dress up and have fun, go guising, but you have to earn your sweets, tell a joke or sing, your choice. Here are some poems!!!
26th Oct 11 19:10
Primary Seven is fun, we have been comparing Ghana and Scotland for are Ghanaian visitors, and now are project is Islam, In class we have been doing scripts about Hajj. We have got our P2 bu
26th Oct 11 18:32
When I am older I really want to be an Author.I have a really creative imagination and I love writing, I have written a few stories.I got my inspiration from a few Authors like J.K
15th Oct 11 21:12
In p7 our brand new class project is Islam.In the I.C.T suite we have been doing some research about the Five Pillars of Islam and History of Islam and The Custody and lots more.I think we a
5th Oct 11 11:07
Madame Dorcas came to visit us.She was enjoying herself and when we were in the Playground she taught some games with the kids.She was very happy visiting Preston Street and we cou