31st Aug 12 15:09
Hi guys High school is actual amazing it is so fun and the best thing about it is that if you get bored of one class you get another like a hour later and its just awesome high school has its up's and...
17th Aug 12 17:19
School has started again, well it has been fun me leaving primary and moving onto high school I thought it would have been scary but to be honest its fine.I thought it would have been really diff
25th Jun 12 11:06
Last week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday , we went on our three day visit.I am going to James Gillespie's High School. When I went to the school , I felt scared like any other first year fel
15th Jun 12 11:14
This week, was health week, where we do lots of different activities.On Wednesday we had a fun day where each class ran different activities, like P7s got sponged, P2s were doing basketball
6th Mar 12 19:48
Yesterday my school and some other schools participated in the cross country event that they were running. It was tiring and the atmosphere was tough.All I could see were people warming up.
25th Dec 11 12:18
Remembrance day why do people where poppies, that's what some people wonder, so if you are reading this and you wonder why people where poppies then here's your answer, people wear poppies to remember...
24th Dec 11 19:13
P3's did a Christmas play and we saw the dress rehearsal on Monday, it was good. It was based on the story about Mary and Joseph's Journey to Bethlehem. It was Preston Street News
18th Dec 11 16:26
Christmas is here, So where's your cheers.Happy Holidays.Rudolph the red nose reindeer is guiding, Santas sleigh.Icicles hang off my roof.Snow comes in December.Trees are deco
14th Dec 11 20:42
Every year we do this thing called drumfun where we play African drums with this guy called Steve. He is funny and weird.This year we did Drumfun on Tuesday and we got hats to wear my friend
14th Dec 11 19:57
The Reporter of the month is me, but I don't know why they chose me, that's what I'm wondering. If you have any idea why they chose me, then please leave me a comment and let me know. <
7th Dec 11 20:28
Evvvvvery week we do maths, we cant last one week with out doing it.It is so annoying I hate maths!But I have to do it without complain but sometimes I wish we could get teachers to do
18th Nov 11 09:09
I'm going to do an acrostic poem about how to safe online when you are talking to people on skype, msn or facebook.Safety is the best policy for being online because you can chat to mates!
8th Nov 11 19:54
Primary seven rules!Remember to wear uniform!Everyone has a reponsibility!Sharpen your pencils and bring them into school!To join in with the activities!Only remember, if some
28th Oct 11 20:24
Hallowe'en is here, so put on your gear. Time to dress up and have fun, go guising, but you have to earn your sweets, tell a joke or sing, your choice. Here are some poems!!!
26th Oct 11 19:10
Primary Seven is fun, we have been comparing Ghana and Scotland for are Ghanaian visitors, and now are project is Islam, In class we have been doing scripts about Hajj. We have got our P2 bu
26th Oct 11 18:32
When I am older I really want to be an Author.I have a really creative imagination and I love writing, I have written a few stories.I got my inspiration from a few Authors like J.K
15th Oct 11 21:12
In p7 our brand new class project is Islam.In the I.C.T suite we have been doing some research about the Five Pillars of Islam and History of Islam and The Custody and lots more.I think we a
5th Oct 11 11:07
Madame Dorcas came to visit us.She was enjoying herself and when we were in the Playground she taught some games with the kids.She was very happy visiting Preston Street and we cou
26th Sep 11 12:04
Today we had a special visit from Madame Dorcas, who is from Saboro, our linked school in Ghana.We welcomed Madame Dorcas with a guard of honour with the Primary 7 (the senior class) and Pri
26th Oct 10 21:08
Today Mr Mclean taught us in the ict how to make a radiowaves accou7nt it is cool you get to make friends and make blogs write a story and so much more it is reallycool. You just have to go on th
26th Oct 10 11:46
My holiday I had loads of fun I went to three weddings in a row it was exhausting but fun the food was great the first wedding was in Fife and the next one was in princes street but when we got back f...
26th Oct 10 11:30
My name is Amber I am a pupil at Preston street I am p5/6 the 6 part I enjoy having new friends and a new teacher I am enjoying p5/6 I have been doing extra things for my project Europe and I started...