1st May 12 00:30
by JCUAce
Today was an outrageously busy day. I woke near Yorktown to find the French navy on the coast, and I knew what was best, hunkering down behind the embankment. Washington and de Rochambeau were nearb...
17th Apr 12 19:23
by JCUAce
In the next few years, we Loyalists traveled to Philadelphia. During the January of 1778, the lodging of Philadelphia was very enjoyable. The British soldiers were very pleasant, and I decided to ma...
29th Mar 12 04:44
by JCUAce
August 1776-As a loyalist, the times are getting rough. People are now questioning us Loyalists, and whether or not we will win this war. I am still convinced that the British soldiers are in t
28th Mar 12 17:16
by JCUAce
Wednesday, April 19th, 1775-There was a very big occurrence this morning. The British soldiers approached Lexington for an attack, traveling at midnight. It seems as if the travel occurred over
23rd Mar 12 12:34
by JCUAce
Monday, October 17th, 1774- Today we members of Lexington met at the town meeting, and strong points were made. The meeting was very intense. As a strong Loyalist, one thing I explained
15th Feb 12 17:02
by JCUAce
Dante Alighieri was a man of his words, a writer and thinker. He spent his life working as a poet, prose writer, literary theorist, moral philosopher, and a political thinker. This Italian poet’s bi...