5th Nov 10 18:57
by JaJa2
Here are some tips about how to keep safe with fireworks.1. Stay a safe distance form fireworks.2. Let adults light the fireworks.3. If your parents have lit the firework and it ha
1st Feb 10 17:08
by JaJa2
Haiti has just had a huge earthquake and it has killed lots of people.
There is things you can do you can try to do things to raise money to send away to Haiti. Please help them to get children out of...
16th Nov 09 17:43
by JaJa2
At Denbeath Primary we raised money for breast cancer reserch we raised £171 out of 180 children in the school. You had the choice to dress up in pink if you wanted. We brougt in £1 if we dr...
28th May 09 16:44
by JaJa2
Denbeath P.S had a openday to share our learning beyond the school. We had gret fun and all the parents ejonoyed it too. JaJa2 Back to the station.