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9th Jul 14 14:40
This was our final week of our elective, so it makes sense that we ended with the most classic of all cakes... The Victoria Sponge. We started by creaming butter and sugar, then adding eggs, flour and...
9th Jul 14 14:30
Banoffee Pie was the dessert of choice this week, something I was looking forward to as I had not only made it before, but tried it either! We started by crushing digestive biscuits in a bowl, then mi...
26th Jun 14 20:45
Another week, another baking elective... And this week, I was especially looking forward to it, as we were making something to do with cake! As a self-confessed cake lover, I was surprised to find tha...
19th Jun 14 20:34
As you can probably tell from the title, this week we made savoury muffins. The recipe was supposed to be Cheese & Tomato Muffins, with courgette also in the recipe, but I decided to make mine a bit d...
11th Jun 14 16:38
This term, my elective is 'Baking Brilliance', and I've decided to blog about what I make (because really, who doesn't love baked things?). Before you point it out, yes this is Week 2, and I have only...
25th Mar 13 06:34
I'm sorry that I haven't been on for a while! I'm not very organised.... And that brings me to my word of the day today....Organise... Heard it enough times, haven't you? 'Organis
5th Mar 13 06:35
Easy as A.B.C..... Everyone knows that song. But what I think A.B.C. stands for, really is easy, and can get you through school E-A-S-Y!A.: Attend - Don't turn up for classes, you won't get
27th Feb 13 14:50
My word of the day is teamwork. Imagine trying to do rugby, by yourself? Or playing a board game by yourself? It's not possible!You may not realise it, but nothing can be done by yourself. A
25th Feb 13 06:34
My word of the day today is helping. Ever seen an old person step onto the bus, but just stayed sat in your seat? Ever seen a teacher around school struggling with an Ipad trolley, but just shoved by,...
22nd Feb 13 06:42
My word of the day today is think. Think... what does it mean?Ever blurted something out by accident? Has it got you into trouble? Or has it just made someone hate you?What would h
21st Feb 13 06:43
Today my word of the day is honesty. Ever lied? Don't say no, everyone has. Whether it be a tiny white lie to a child, or a giant lie to your parents, we've all lied. But is it always best? Well think...
20th Feb 13 14:46
Friends... We all have them. Some closer than others, some maybe more than friends. can you imagine life without them?Imagine waking up each day, alone. Walking to school, alone. Stood at yo
19th Feb 13 06:42
I'm back! After a relaxing holiday, and being ill, I am starting the word (or phrase) a day blog. Today it is F+F.... Not the Tesco Clothing range, but instead, it stands for Forgive+Forget.
6th Feb 13 06:54
Ever sat down and thought 'Why?'? Probably not. But maybe you should... Today my word of the day is why. Just like yesterday's word, it's very small, but still means a lot. Why do you do wha
5th Feb 13 18:30
I have decided to do a blog, with a word a day. Today, my word is try. Simple, only three letters, but those three letters can mean a lot. Ever wanted to do something, but never had a go? What happens...
3rd Dec 12 06:31
Hi guys! I usually just do stories, but I thought I might do a blog for a change. I have no idea what to write, so I might just talk about what's been happening to me lately. I've had quite
23rd May 12 13:46
Today is the last day of my Radiowaves Elective :( I think I will stay on Radiowaves, but I might not be able to go on as much!


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On Wednesday 11th November, four senior members of the Catmose Media Team were invited to the BBC, giving them an experience that none of them could have imagined.
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