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Hi my name is Gold Gabriella and please add me as your friend. I like radiowaves so much! I like every colour in the world! I also enjoy watching tv! I am in year 6 and my teachers is Amyjamjam! I also like Riversdale Primary school! My sisters name is Girl 2 Girl and my best friends are on radiowaves, sharpay, crazy 4,rosey2000, sabs2001 and more! IF ANYONE CAN SET ME A CHALLANGE ON RADIOWAVES I AM READY TO DO IT! AND PLEASE ALSO ADD ME AS A FIREND REQUEST AND GO ON MY STORIES AND BLOGS! I ALSO LOVE RADIOWAVES! Radiowaves rules!!! I have great friends on radiowaves, keep the work up guys!!
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16th Jul 12 21:45
Today was 16/07/12 Our leavers show in front of the parents!Our play was about Wind and the willows. It is about A toad who loves buying transport things and ends up in a lot of trouble afte
11th Jul 12 18:57
Oh my gosh i am nearly in yr7! Already! WOW!I am really going to miss my class mates but especially my some of my best friends, my teachers, the classmates i have been since nursery and everybody
28th Jun 12 17:31
Today 28th June 2012 6 kids from our class went to the NSPCC conference. The conference took place at Victoria door no. 100! We got there by train.The purpose of us going there was how do he
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