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See Annabel's view of the Kidz Field
Interview with the creator of the Kidz Field
Our Radiowaves Reporters caught the Ting Tings just as they came off the John Peel stage at Glastonbury.
we have been having so much fun glastonbury rocks wo wo!
Our Radiowaves Reoporters caught Gary John Jarman backstage at the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury.
Listen to what the kids are thinking of Glastonbury 2008.
Your Stories from Glastonbury
Walk with Adrienne around the fantastic fort at the top of the Kidz field
I interviewed my sister about Glastonbury - what was it like at night and would she come again?
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29th Jun 08 11:36
28th Jun 08 21:12
28th Jun 08 19:24
Me at glastonbury. Niamh
Enter the letters correctly ...
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Savannah says...
Hiya Dad :P And the rest of the world, too
28 June 08
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Dad says...
Say hello to Savannah, Max and Caity in the Kidz Field!
27 June 08
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