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9th Mar 12 19:30
See how much questions you can get right out of 10! Good luck, Hope you do well. (:1. What does being safe mean?2. Can your password be hacked easily?3.Is it good to tell
9th Mar 12 19:00
In Syria there have been large protests from the people in Syria because they are not happy with president Asad.They are furious of how the country is being controlled and are parading round
9th Mar 12 09:28
Lionel Messi is one of the most dominant players in the history of FOOTBALL. He has broke many records and he has one the best player in the world three times and that was in the year, 2009,2010 and 2...
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Hello people, I live in England and I go to riversdale school. I LOVE football, I play for a football team called Sutoon united and I play for another team on saturday and there called Cheam Village Warriors. At the end of my season I am going Chelsea academy. My favoruite rappers are Eminem 1st, Yela wolf 2nd, Wiz Khalifa 3rd, Lil Wayne 4th, Krept and Konan 5(ha and Kanye West 6th.
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We are going to a trip to the Synagogue were all the Jews worship. It's gonna be great!!
Chelsea beat Napoli 4-1 today. It was a great game-(agregrate=5-4)
We performed our class assembbly today and it was great!!!
I'm gonna tell you all about Cristiano Ronaldo!
Who is gonna win this thrilling champions league, second leg match.
the red cross are people that help people what hav had disasters in there life.
I'm gonna tell you all about how refugees live!
I can't wait for our class assembly on Wednesday, it's gonna be fantastic!!
the Premier league is heating up abit !!!!
today my team lost 2-1 in the semi final of the cup! :(
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