20th Jun 13 13:45
During the past two weeks, the students in the S2R elective have been working to a brief as the team has been asked to be the media team at the Leicestershire and Rutland School Games Summer Champion...
17th Jun 13 19:23
As you will be aware, I have been trying to create badges at Catmose College to celebrate our students' achievements that would not normally be celebrated using traditional methods like exams and test...
5th Jun 13 13:28
In this week's S2R elective, I wanted the reporters to think about other ways to represent a sports report. The have undertaken written and video reports, so this week we focused on photographing spor...
3rd Jun 13 12:37
In recent weeks, I have been thinking about Open Badges and the way that we can implement them into our College to accredit the skills that are used when learning takes place. As you can see from the ...
2nd Jun 13 09:23
For the past four years, I have been coordinating the work that we do at Catmose with our media team. This has started from small beginning of two sets of audio equipment and six trained student repor...
22nd May 13 13:13
This term has been interesting. I have been working with six boys ranging from year 7 - year 9 on the S2R sports reporting elective. The boys have had various opportunities to do some interviewing and...
9th May 13 08:31
After last week's excitement of starting to think about how we can use Open Badges for recognizing literacy skills, I felt that I perhaps needed to do a little background research into Open Badges. I ...
30th Apr 13 15:54
When I first started in this role, six years ago, reading was mainly book based and this included reading for pleasure but also the use of non-fiction books to source fact-based information. Although ...
24th Apr 13 13:51
This week, the team have been in a reflective mode as they have been writing blogs about last week's experiences with researching and interviewing. The reporters have also been looking at other people...
18th Apr 13 13:33
This week, I started working with seven students who have chosen to do the S2R electives at Catmose. Supporter to Reporter (S2R) is a programme run by DigitalMe which gives young people skills and con...
5th Jul 12 18:00
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14th Jul 11 14:06
Radiowaves and Safe want to know your views on lowering the age limt on Facebook. Please go to the report on Radiowaves (
22nd Feb 11 16:04
We have some excellent reporters on our station but why not have a read of this report?
15th Dec 10 15:55
Today was a sad day as it was the final day that the Harriers were flying before being decommisioned. I waited for nearly an hour to watch them fly over the college in formation, and eventua
6th Oct 10 09:52
Come and see our reporters in action tonight. Perhaps you can be interviewed and have the report placed on your own reporter page?
7th Sep 10 13:22
Some of our students have been asked to undertake an interview with a famous UK Olympian. Watch this space for more details
21st Jul 10 12:29
Are you doing anything interesting during the summer holidays? Going anywhere nice with your family or friends?

If you do, why not blog or place a report on our station.

Have a great holiday. Ms Sm...
12th Jan 10 17:41
Is anyone going to the meeting at CC on Thursday? If so, would you like to do a report or a running commentary? If so, please contact me. Thank you
2nd Jan 10 09:19
Well done to Anni and her report on Now 74. It has had over 460 views in one week and is the top story on the Rutland and Champion Schools channels.
10th Dec 09 10:17
Well done to Anni whose work has hit the home page of RW again. Keep up the good work. 
30th Nov 09 14:29
The work done by 7T on Scenes in a box has hit the Home Page of Radiowaves. Well done for all your hard work.
9th Nov 09 11:45
I have received some new books for reviewing. Please speak to me if you are interested in reading them. Thank you
4th Nov 09 20:07
Welcome to all our new reporters who are taking part in the elective. Continue the good work that has already been started.
29th Oct 09 07:36
During half term, I've been to a concert at the NEC, a Premiership Rugby game, some shopping and so on. What have you been up to????
Go on... tell us about it!
17th Sep 09 17:31
Why not tell everyone about the elective you are doing this term?