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14th Nov 12 13:43
In the holidays I went to Wimbeldon park with my brother and some of my friends. I played lots of sports and the sports were: Football, Badminton, Tennis.The first sport we played was footba
27th Mar 12 13:36
Last week me and my class had RE week. We learnt about the religions Hinduism and Christianity particularly the two spring festivals Holi and Easter. Firstly, we to look at the Hindu festiva
10th Oct 11 13:44
Year 5 took part in the Junior Citizenship Programme and it was brilliant. Junior Citizenship programme is teaching you about safety and things that you shouldn't be doing in life.All of our
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Hello everyone (who is on my page). I am captain101 and I am 10 years old. I don't have a best footballer but I like playing and watching it. I have 2 big brothers and a sister. My big big brother who is 29 and he is married and has 2 kids. My big brother who is 12. My big sister who is 14. My brother's account on Makewaves is Manutd101 but my sister doesn't have one. On the other hand, my big big brother is to old so he is not really aloud to go on Makewaves. My primary school is Riversdale school and I am in year 6. To me, it is the best schooll ever. My favourite team is Manchester United and my favourite internatinal team is Brazil. I like Makewaves because you can get freinds and make stories and blogs and talk to your freinds after school. At Rivesdale I have a lot of freinds. My best freind (he is on Makewaves) is Blood sucker ( that's his name on Makewaves). At school I am always excited when it is our football day. I am not the best at football and I am not (obviously) better then my big brother. I like other sports like tennis, badminton and cricket. My best subjects are Maths, Literacy and Science. I have got a Xbox 360 and I like EA games like Fifa and Need For Speed. I use to have a PSP (Play station portable) and I use to have many games on it. Just to tell you (unfortunltey) I share consoles with my big brother! I am a very sporty person and I like doing alot of excercise including running. I like to watch alot of TV. I hope you will like my page.
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