3rd Nov 11 21:17
by BlueEF
Roxy cinemas rocks!Its got an old fashion theme!I like it!Its got candy and icecream and candy and more candy!!!!!I love candy!Did I mention it has candy?!My dad let me h
19th Sep 11 21:48
by BlueEF
Here is the comp you've been waiting for!Vote and be in to win codes from the winning website!Have fun competing, Erana
13th Aug 11 23:19
by BlueEF
Yesterday we got four numbers in a row and won 333 dollars!!!We shared it so Me mum and dad would get even parts of the money!!!We were so exited we screamed (except for dad cause he went ou
11th Aug 11 21:41
by BlueEF
Miramar central went to Easternzones for soccer!I went with them to Eastern Zones.We had 14 games and won more than ten.We do not know if we are 3, 4 or 5 because the scores got mixed u
3rd Feb 11 05:53
by BlueEF
I think I am a motivated person who makes a few mistakes.I love all the teachers at my school.My favorite colours are pink and blue.