Graduation Event

This event has now happened. Great work all of you who graduated!

To celebrate your Cadets achievements, we hosted another Graduation Event on Tuesday 12 July at 11am at The National Railway Museum in York.

This was a wonderful day in which hundreds of our Yorkshire based Cadets were awarded a certificate and prizes for their input into The Astro Science Challenge. During the award ceremony, members of the UNSA crew presented badges and special commendations to Cadets who complete all of the Missions and graduate from Cadets to become AGENTS of UNSA and took part in a free workshop and show with staff from the museum.

The ceremony will begin at 11am, groups are invited to arrive from 10am. The ceremony will last no longer than an hour and a half. Cadets and parents/ teachers are invited to stay at the Museum after the ceremony to explore the museum, or take part in science workshops/ demonstration.

We'll be running more live events in the future so stay tuned!

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